UI Changes Android

Hey Brave Devs.
With the ever increasing screen size in Mobile Devices, Bottom Toolbar is one such feature which is of great use and should be implemented well.

I have something to say on the same.

When I open a new tab, Search option is there, but when on some tab, and need to switch to Home Screen of Browser, the Search option should change into “Home” option.
There should be a Home Button on Toolbar,
Interchange, “Search-Home” option.

One more thing, in a New Tab, Top Sites bar is not user customisable means I can’t add any site manually.

I hope you will implement this.

@Rohit76 I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying or if you just haven’t noticed. There actually is a Home button on the toolbar, but only if you put the toolbar on the bottom. You do this by going to SettingsAppearanceEnable bottom toolbar. I think they said just can’t make it work if is on top. Which, if you’re suggesting it be done without using the bottom toolbar, then I get your suggestion. I’m just being thrown off as you started off with mentioning implementing Bottom Toolbar well.

This one I would agree with. Android is the only one that can’t change this. iPhone is able to set favorites which show in New Tab, as are desktops.

Thanks for Replying sir,
Bottom Toolbar is enabled on my Device and It is not identical as your Device Bottom Toolbar.

There is no Home Buttom.