No home Button?

@mattches I can’t find a home button to quickly access most visted sites. Am I missing some setting?

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What is your version of Brave?

I see homepage option in mine. If you want history/most frequent sites, brave keeps 4 sites on homepage. We have no control over it.

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@anujkmr953 This is actually a “bug” in settings that I’m not sure if has been addressed. Hopefully @Mattches can submit it if not. (I need to learn to look through github for stuff).

Anyway, the best “solution” right now is to go to Settings > Appearance > Enable bottom toolbar.

Once the bottom toolbar is active, you’ll see a Home button like @nellaiseemai mentioned in the comment above mine. They should have added a setting to “Show Home Button” for when it was in top mode, but it’s missing. So either use with toolbar on the bottom or you don’t have it for now.


Unfortunately when the toolbar is moved to the top, there is simply not enough room to fit everything on the screen horizontally. Subsequently, there is no home button option unless the bottom toolbar is selected.

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making the search bar little less wide can make room…also the size of tab icon and brave lion icon can be reduced…

Oh… I got it now.
Bottom bar in Firefox brings everything down including address bar. But Brave keeps the address bar on top only tool bar at the bottom.
Is there any change coming on that aspect?

Not that I’m aware of at this time. Can reach out about it.

now when brave decided to remove the stack tab layout..bottom toolbar is not so useful. Please now add Home Button when top toolbar is activated

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