Home Button is required in android app

We need a home button in brave android @Mattches It will be very helpful.

Sorry, can you please explain in brief where do you want it because already we have home button in bottom left


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Here…when botton toolbar option is disbaled.


Mine is totally different than you even my Browser is up to date


yes your interface is different because bottom toolbar option is enabled in your settings and i keep it turned off.

@Mattches any development?

There is a Brave GitHub issue report opened that I think is relevant. Link posted below. There hasn’t been any movement at all on the issue. Maybe this feature request topic will spur some activity. :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes it is a necessary feature…:+1:

please brave team please introduce a home button on top address bar when bottom bar is disabled. You have provided an option to disable bottom bar but without home button on top bar this feature is incomplete. Plz do something regarding this.