Uh oh! The Brave Rewards server is not responding

What can I do to fix it: “Uh oh! The Brave Rewards server is not responding. We will fix this as soon as possible.”. Already have almost one month with this problem.

another problem:
I made a account (wallet) in uphold to receive my BATs but this account the uphold site did not accept, because I made in the computer. So I made another account with another e-mail, but my BATs still are in the first account, what can I do to use my new uphold account in Brave browser.

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Did you get any help with this?
My wallet is the same and has been for some time now…I got varified on uphold too but it still says Varify Wallet. Funny thing is when I do go to my barve wallets my reward summary pops up for a milisecond and then this Uh Oh! server message appears.
Clicking on the Brave Rewards triangle from search bar brings up mini Rewards window that shows 0.0 BAT but click on settings it opens tab and shows current Rewards…?

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no unfortunately it looks like Brave is not worrying about users issues, i will uninstall this browser.

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uninstalled several times, but their ‘stable’ version is very unstable. try installing nightly if you still like brave. also they should just switch to xlm platform ethereum is garbgage

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