Uh oh! The Brave Rewards server is not responding....again

Hello Brave team,

i am sending this message because for the 2nd time this month i have been receiving the famous “Uh oh! The Brave Rewards server is not responding” bug. It happened on my original account at the beginning of the month and as i tried to find solutions, i saw that we could create a 2nd profile and earn on this one instead of the other. I disabled new adds on my 1rst profile (still kept the rewards in case my remaining BATs that were not paid previously would be this month) and 1 hour ago, everything worked fine on my 2nd profile for 3 weeks until i also got the message a few minutes ago.

My browser on MAC OS is Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)

i have been a verified user on UPHOLD for months and even used it yesterday to send cryptos so nothing is wrong on these fronts.

I don’t understand and don’t know what to do as on my former profile there was almost 10 BAT pending and now 10 more on my new profile, but the worst is that whatever i may do on my part the issue seems to be here to stay, so if i was to make a new profile just it would happen again and again. This issue really needs to be addressed as i am not the only one having this problem.

PS: i forgot to mention that i am in France, i don’t know if it’s important and that’s why my screenshot is in French.

Same has happened with me today too

I have the same problem with my wallet.

Same problem here .

Hi guys, sorry to see that you also meet the same issue; i am trying to find a solution and maybe this will help you even though it still had no effect for me.

I just saw on UPHOLD that you had to “verify” your BRAVE account every 90 days (which is around the time i opened my UPHOLD account and verified it). So i clicked on the “triangle” next to the lion head at the right of the URL and tried to verify it. To me, as i said, nothing as changed, i went on UPHOLD dashboard -> my account settings -> applications -> authorised applications and removed the “BRAVE BROWSER” tag (not the BRAVE REWARDS) because i couldn’t verify my account as long as the BRAVE BROWSER tag was still there. Then i could have the verification going on my account, but as i said, i still have the servers not responding 1 hour after i did all that (maybe it takes time or maybe this is not where the issue is but…).

So if you also have had a verified HUPOLD account for 3 months maybe this may help you. AT least, try to verify via the triangle and see what happens (for me the verify button wouldn’t validate or do anything when clicked until i removed the BRAVE BROWSER from my apps in the UPHOLD account).

I hope this will, at least, help you if this doesn’t work for me.

PS: the issue is not due to “lifetime adds limitation” (or something along those lines) as i have seen on former post like this one because i received 4 or 5 ads since the issue (re)started for me…

as you can see on the screenshot i just took while reading the new post i made (i saw all the typos :wink: )

So guys, maybe what i explained worked but (at least for now) the servers are back.

i will keep posting to tell you how this keeps going in the near future but after several hours (2-3 hours) it seems the “verify” manipulation, i explained above, has worked (or Brave team did something but didn’t let me know if this was the case).

I’ll keep in touch but it seems you can try what i explained…

Hi @JpaxxX - thank you for reporting and for all of the info collected. Please let me know if this problem continues!

Hello @steeven, thank you for the attention :slight_smile:

For now everything is back fine.

I don’t know if it is the UPHOLD “90 days (re)-verification” process that re-enabled the servers or if this is, because i deleted my original profile that had the same issue happening at the beginning of the month; Even though i disabled new ads notifications on it, I kept it in case the remaining BATs, of the previous month, would be sent to my UPHOLD account on the 6th of July, but i decided to erase it because i wondered if the system wasn’t considering it as an exploit, or in case this was creating a conflict having 2 profiles with the same UPHOLD account at the same time; but for now everything is back to normal on the profile that i created right after the issue happened the first time.

I will write 2 or 3 more comments in the following days if everything is still fine so that those who have the same issue may be updated on the things i did and if it worked “long term”.

I hope it was this 90 days verification that triggered all this, and that we found why it happens to so many people so that we know how to fix it.

Thank you again, have a great day :wink:

Hey Can you tell what is Brave Rewards under Authorized application in Uphold
I know brave browser is what I have linked but don’t know what’s the Brave Reward?

@ridz i am not sure but seeing that the last time BRAVE rewards was “used” (interacted with my UPHOLD account) which is 28 days ago, while the BRAVE Browser was a very different timespan, i guess this is when BRAVE sends you the BATs you earn during the actual month to UPHOLD (which would match the last time i received my BATs).

for me it’s 4 hours ago So definitely not that

Edit: Ok I think it’s for creators

Yeah, me it has become 3 hours since my server got back online (but was 28 days when it got muted), so i guess this is the process of BRAVE sending BATs; And now it has been reseted since the link between the servers (BRAVE) and my UPHOLD account is back.
This is just a guess but would make sense.

Edit: ah ok, i have a creator account, so maybe, that would also make sense.

Just as an update, everything is still back to normal for me, so i would be tempted to say that the “90 days verification process” (or 250 BAT limit as shown in a previous screenshot) is what was needed to be made, and as it’s not clearly advertised when you create an UPHOLD account nor they send a reminder to the email address, that cause a lot of stress for nothing when it happens for the 1rst time (especially since the (re)verify process is “bugy” through the “triangle icon”).

If things keep going alright, will post 2 more updates next week (i don’t know about the other users who have posted that they also met this issue since they didn’t give any feedback since) to inform every new BRAVE supporters, who will meet this problem for the 1rst time, if this is what they need to look at 1rst.

Have a good week-end everyone.

i still have 0.0 BaT and i have been active on it for three weeks. not sure its linux version or my chromebook?

@Foxbot42 Hi, ah yeah, you are meeting an other inconvenience, i assume there are other posts that may have an explanation (this one is different but you may need it in a little more than 2 month :wink: ).
I already read about what you are experiencing before, it depends on your country, how long are you on the internet (on the browser) ? sometimes you won’t have ads for 2-3 hours straight and all of a sudden you will receive multiple notifications in a row (it’s not continuous in the distribution of ads), also, in my case, the 1rst month i used BRAVE, i also barely had ads but the month after, i received way more of them (but i am on the internet, on BRAVE, more than 10 hours a day).

But what you say may also be a factor, i have never seen this question (about Linux) being raised before.

edit: if you can’t find an answer to your question on the forum, create the topic, there is more chance that a Brave team member or someone that may know the answer helps you (because this topic is really different than yours and most of the people won’t see your question in here, as they expect something else).

edit2: here you may find answers ? it’s a little bit old but who knows. There is a list of possible factors that make the ads notification not appearing, if these don’t seem to match your case, and can’t find an answer on the forum create a topic :slight_smile:

-> FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

I also found this, until late 2019 the ads were, apparently, disabled on Chromebook -> https://chromeunboxed.com/can-i-install-the-brave-browser-on-my-chromebook/
but maybe you can find a solution in there even though it seems to demand several manipulations !?!. But i didn’t find any post stating that since 2019 ads were showing on Chromebook.

It happened to me last week. I don’t know if this will be your case, but I could solve it by adjusting the date on the computer. for some reason they are several days late.

@foxmulder79 Thanks for the tip (even though i don’t really see what you mean) but i fear this might be a temporary “fix”, just like when i created a 2nd profile so that 3 weeks later, the issue re-appeared.
As you don’t give many details, i don’t know when you created your UPHOLD account, but if it’s been 3 month back, try the solution i gave earlier (“the 90 days/250 BAT limit verification”). From the moment i did it everything is fine, and from now on, i know i will have to do it every 90 days (which wasn’t clear when i opened my UPHOLD account).

Thanks again, and have a good day :wink:

2nd time this month? Wow, hanging on the edge of your seat here. I’m sure they had no idea until they got this post. BTW, I wouldn’t count on paying your rent with the free BAT tokens you get for browsing the internet. I’m sure they’ll fix it in time.