and embedded Twitter not displaying/showing

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Description of the issue: is not showing up whether embedded or not.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Try

  2. Any website that embeds Twitter

Expected result:

I expect to see the tweet whether embedded or not

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.19 (

Mobile Device details
iOS 13.5.1

iPhone 7 Plus

Additional Information:

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for the embeded go to setting then Social media blocking make sure this is enabled Allow Twitter embedded tweets

and make sure the following setting also
Trackers & ads blocking standard
Fingerprinting blocking standard
cookies allow all

hope that help and have a nice day

Thanks for recaching out.
Are you logged into Twitter when you observe this behavior? Or does it happen either way?

I don’t see a Social blocking setting in the mobile version on iOS.

Having the same problem. I usually login to the twitter website on an iOS device. I can log into the account, but I am blocked from there. I can’t do anything. I get the “something went wrong” and refresh button, but cannot do anything.

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When I navigate to Twitter (as of today), I get an error message - “Something went wrong | Try again” - and no content loads.

I’m not logged in to Twitter and this is only happening on my phone.
Brave 1.18.1 (
iPhone 7 13.1.13

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The latest Brave app version is v1.19 – can you try updating the app and see if this makes any difference?

For everyone else, please tell me if:

  • You’re using an iPhone or an iPad device
  • What iOS version you’re using on that device
  • Whether or not logging in/out of your Twitter account makes any difference
  • Whether or not disabling Shields for the site makes any difference

IPad 13.5.1

Likely related, I can’t login to Tweetdeck even though I am logged onto twitter. Turning shields on off makes no difference. Still working OK with other browsers.


Error is please check your network connection and refresh Tweetdeck.

I updated Brave to 1.19 and that fixed the problem. Thank you!

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I have updated to 1.19 too, and all fine here too.

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I do not have a Twitter account

@Prescott @Max10 – glad to hear the update resolved the issue.

Can you answer the questions asked above?

It is now working. Go figure.

iOS 13.5.1

I do not have a Twitter account so I cannot log in or out

Shields on or off doesn’t seem to matter now that it is working.

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Great news :slight_smile:
Please let us know if the issue shows itself again!

Now it only works with Shields off. Sigh.


I deleted app and reinstalled. I have the latest iOS on my iPhone. It does not matter if I log out and log back in, I get the same error and try to refresh does nothing.

I have the toggles under Shield turned on in a private tab. Which ones should I turn off? And won’t that jeopardize the security?


I believe the team is now aware of the underlying cause for this issue and are working to resolve it asap.

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