Has Twitter been removed?

Twitter is not coming up on my iPad on Brave and it was a few days ago. Has Twitter been removed from Brave?

@hudson22 ,

Twitter OK - iPhone

Brave doesn’t “remove” websites.
Twitter is working fine. Check if there is any block in the website or your network - use safari to test.

Twitter.com does not show up.

Didn’t work with Safari either. If Brave doesn’t work I’m deleting it.

So, Twitter is not loading in your network, not even in Safari… and somehow Brave is the culprit of that.

See the issue elsewhere, because is not brave - you can delete it, will not solve your issue.

I don’t know where else to look for help. So I will delete it I can live without it.

I think your in the wrong place to request help.
This is not a Brave issue, is in your network/computer. Nothing to do with Brave.

Deleting Brave will not solve your issue, and this is beyond the point of the support here. Contact someone in a correct place to help you :wink:

Have a look here, it might be a problem with your end Is It Down Right Now? Website Down or Not? This will say whether it is down for just you or down for everybody.

If it’s not working with Safari either then that’s a strong sign that it is not a problem with brave.
Did you try some other browsers?

Definitely It won’t change anything to “delete” brave, if other browsers also don’t work!

It works now. All I did was turn my computer off and back on.

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