Turn off automatic update MAC

i am using MACOS 10.12.6. i will not be updating it any time in the foreseeable future. The latest Brave update requires a later version. How do i turn off automatic updates, or at least turn off the annoying notification about this requirement that appears every time i open the browser? Thanks.


Try this (use equivalent for Macos if different):

  1. On the desktop, right-click on the Brave icon and choose “Properties”
  2. In “Target” paste –check-for-update-interval=7200 after “C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe”
    Note: Leave a space after …\brave.exe"
  3. Open Brave from desktop.

Brave will normally check for updates every 7200 seconds (2 hours); You can change it for longer.


It has effect during navigation only?

I’m not a Macos user… but what about scheduled system tasks?

PS.: There’s also the flag --disable-auto-update

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the annoying notification still appeared upon opening the browser. i guess what i really need to find a way to turn off the notification.


Try adding https://brave.com/latest/ under not allowed to send notifications at brave://settings/content/notifications

Thanks. No luck. Perhaps i’m using the wrong terminology. i’m getting a banner (perhaps also incorrect terminology) across the top (under the toolbar and bookmarks area). The banner can be closed. But it always comes up when i open the browser.

A screenshot would be helpul then.


You probably cannot disable / ‘turn OFF’ the notification at: brave://settings/help

When Brave Browser is updated to include Chromium M104 (currently Brave Browser is based upon Chomium M103) . . . thereafter, Mac OS 10.13.n ‘High Sierra’ or later, will be required.

The lastest Brave Browser version for Mac OS, is BB v1.40.107:

. . . and Mac OS 10.12.6 ‘Sierra’ will run that.

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