Disabling Auto Update

Hi, I am usually on a limited plan internet and having software updating without my consent is no fun to say the least. I understand that most people don’t even know what does a browser update mean, but I assume that a lot of tech savvies are using Brave and would appreciate having the option to disable auto-update since releasing an update every week or two can add up. We’re not asking for a lot here I think, so please.
By the way, I am using Brave on Mac.

Edit :
After almost two weeks without me getting any response, I totally understand why this guy is so pissed

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Those who want to use Brave for actual app and dev work instead of just posting cat pictures on facebook are out of luck. Controlled updates are a must for serious usage, something that Brave completely ignores to cater to the normies. They broke all of our apps today with the lovely 1.10.93 udpate, and just lost a bunch of users. We aren’t going back after this. Congrats guys!