The option to turn ON / OFF Automatic Updates. Please

I really like Brave. It’s faster than the other browsers and for someone who doesn’t have top speed internet it’s very useful to have a browser like Brave.

And I like what you’re doing for privacy and how you want to change internet advertising and all the rest.

But this morning there was an automatic update and it caught me by surprise and I didn’t like it.

I may have clicked on the green Update Brave arrow believing it would lead me to a page where I would see what the update is and then I would decide what to do – but instead it began the process of updating,

OR the update was just done automatically and the green arrow was just there to tell me to restart Brave.

It’s not clear what happened and it bothers me.

But what I know for sure is that I did not explicitely gave the permission to Brave to do the update because I was not given the option to accept it now or do it later.

I thought updates would work like in Firefox where I have the choice to manually update when I want to. (“Check for updates but let you choose to install them”)

One of the reasons I turn off all autoupdates for all the stuff installed on my computer is I don’t have a reliable internet connection.

Sometimes for some reason I lose my connection temporarily for a few minutes and if I was downloading something I have to restart again. It happens.

So whenever I want to update a program I do it manually and carefully – and I also try to do a small backup first, just in case.

Because sometimes problems happen. And it’s nobody’s fault.

I understand that you want users to use the latest update for security reasons.

But as long as the user is clearly notified there’s a update and they should update their browser there’s no reason to force the update process automatically without asking for permission first.

It can wait a couple of hours or even a couple of days.

Can you PLEASE add a disable automatic update option in the Settings?

Autoupdates could be the default option but not having the option to turn it off bothers me.

The user should have the option to let Brave update automatically OR to be notified there’s an update and having the choice to update manually when the user decides to.

I don’t want to try to enable this option indirectly by telling Windows to block the update and ask for my permission first, or to block it using the firewall. I don’t want to do that.

Just like in Firefox there’s the “Check for updates but let you choose to install them” option, there should be a simple option like that in the Brave settings menu:

Turn off Automatic updates + install updates manually.

I’m sure the majority of Brave users will let the default autoupdate option ON and that’s fine but it should still be an option we can turn OFF in the Setttings for whatever reason.

Meanwhile, if there’s a way to turn it off outside of the Settings menu I’d like to know how.

I’m familiar with the configuration tweaks with “About:Config” in Firefox but I’m not sure if there’s something similar in Brave.

Thank you.

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We have an issue tracking this feature request:

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