What browser setting enables/disables 'auto-complete' suggestions for data entry at websites?

I can’t figure out where to go to stop all the typeahead ‘suggestions’ I see when I enter logins (or more likely accept the logins that are already displayed), info requested in dialog boxes, etc.

Is that a browser setting or something that the website controls?

“Autofill” (in Settings) doesn’t seem to have any connection to what’s causing those ‘suggestions’ to display as I start typing.

But what does?

Hi @mk7z,
Can you go to brave://settings/addresses, do you have Save and fill addresses enabled?

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Hi, @mk7z . If @Aa-ron’s suggestion didn’t do it, I think the Auto Sign-in toggle in brave://settings/passwords might be the thing

If that’s not it, you could try the Autocomplete toggle in brave://settings/privacy

That said, I have the latter one turned off but I still get autocomplete suggestions in the address bar.

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@Aa-ron Many thanks for that. I’m monitoring the situation but so far tweaking that has worked at at least one website – one, however, that didn’t ‘suggest’ fill-in info of the type described –

“Save and fill addresses . . . Includes information like phone numbers, email addresses, and shipping addresses

– but a website login ID.

And, although the option had been in a turned ‘on’ state (I turned if ‘off’), no addresses, etc. were listed (“Saved addresses will appear here”), so it’s a bit odd that logins aren’t even mentioned as a data type this function affects, even though it apparently does affect them for fill-in data.

Thanks again for chiming in.

Thanks @hnktong, I don’t have any saved passwords in Brave & I have “Autocomplete searches and URLs” turned off. I’m currently monitoring the results of switching ‘off’ “Save & flll” (Aa-ron’s suggestion), & hoping it’s the ‘cure.’

If you’re still getting autocomplete suggestions in the address bar even though you have Autocomplete disabled, I wonder where they’re coming from.

2 hours later . . .

Just ran across this:

For Chrome but should also work in Brave.

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