Brave form autofill confusion

Hope someone can help, I need help getting my autofill to work.

i.g If i go into ebay and leave a feedback i have to type my feedback every time because i have a fresh installation of windows and brave and no longer see any of my previous feedbacks like i use to before the new installation.

im aware i can go into settings autofill, but that’s only for addresses i see nothing to do with anything else. i need this sorted out, im a slow typer and its taking to much of my time when it use to be a click of a button.

first make sure you do not clear your cache on exit from this page


also make sure this is enabled


and since you said you made fresh installation that mean your old history is gone

hope that help and have a nice day

I have “save and fill addresses” on, and i checked and I’m not clearing the cache on exit
i will look to see if an extension could do the same job. Thanks any way mate.

you welcome :slight_smile:

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