Trying to sync browser between 2 android cellphones fails at QR code

When i go to sync i create a new chain it then gives me a QR code and then the QR code disappears and says sync failed. I have tried it on both phones with same message.

@Fambam79 Can you verify which version of Brave you’re using on both? Also, which version of Android? Lastly, are either of them rooted or anything?

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Both are the latest version I just installed it on my new phone. Both are Samsung galaxy phones not rooted.

Hmm, might tag @Mattches for ideas. I mean, there’s the potential of just telling you to leave the sync chain and try making a new one completely or something, just to see if that resolves. Issue is not a lot of User side troubleshooting and fixing to do that I’m aware of.

I also know had been an issue for someone else, at Error when adding tablet using QR/Code word

If everything is up to date, you’re generating the code same day, etc then I’m not sure why it would be showing a failed sync.

I was able to get it to work even with a new phone it still needed to be updated.


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