Sync 2 failing to sync between Android devices

I am attempting to Sync Brave on two different Samsung Android devices. I have looked in the help forums and have not seen an answer for my particular issue.

The old device is a Samsung S10. The device is loaded with Android 11. The new device is a Samsung A71 5G. It is loaded with Android 10.

I am starting the Sync Chain on the A71. I followed the directions on the help faq exactly. Furthermore, I scanned the qr code on the S10 with the A71. On the A71 I can see it appear in the Sync Chain devices list. The S10 does not appear no matter how long I wait.

On the S10 I can see it loading in the Sync Chain devices list. It stays “loading” no matter how long I wait. Neither device is loading on the S10. Nothing is syncing between the devices.

Also, the S10s installation of Brave never gives me the option to scan a qr code. It only ever gives me the option to display one to have scanned. The A71 does both. I am not sure if that is pertinent.

I made sure both installations of Brave are up to date. Both systems OS is up to date.

Just as a detail the S10 has no LTE service. I am using the A71 as a Wi-Fi hotspot for an internet connection.

Does anyone have a solution or ideas?

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