Error when adding tablet using QR/Code word

Tried adding my Android tablet to the sync chain but I just get an error.

Using the QR code gives the error: “Wrong sync QR code”
Using the sync code gives error: “Sync could not be setup [Incorrect number of words]”

Neither of the error messages makes any sense since I use the camera to scan the QR and pasted the sync code directly.

I have three devices in the sync chain at the moment, one laptop running Windows and two Android phones. I’m on Brave version 1.45.118.

Just to verify, are you pulling them up on a device when you’re getting it? Or are you going off of something you had saved before? If it’s the latter, then I’m assuming it’s your problem as the Sync code changes daily.

I’m pressing the “add new device” button. Tried it on both laptop and phone to see if it were any difference but to no success.

Hello @bleckfisk, thank you for contacting us. What are the devices you are trying to sync each other? Have you checked if the 25th is correct? Remember that it changes every day.

Here is an article where you can see the 25th word corresponding daily: