Troubleshooting Brave Rewards - not earning nor paying out

Hi Brave Community, Brave Rewards were working fine for me until 3 months ago.

Since then I’ve had several issues that I’ve been unable to resolve and I can’t tell if they’re related.

  1. I’ve seen hundreds of ads, but the “Ads received this month” counter remains at 0 each month.
  2. My “Next payment date” in the Brave Rewards section is TWO months in advance, I.e. it’s May now and it shows as July for me. When things were working fine it said the next month when funds would then transfer the funds as expected.
  3. The pending rewards I had when things were working never transferred to uphold
  4. My uphold account shows 13 BAT, but my browser has been stuck on 41.5 BAT for months and it won’t sync with uphold.

I update to the latest Brave browser each week, and also try the disconnect/reconnect approach that has worked for some, but nothing’s worked for me.

I’ve been testing using the Brave Beta browser and ads & BAT seem to be working. So the problem doesn’t seem to be my uphold connection or anything to do with the version of Brave I’m on and appears to be my current installation of Brave itself.

If I uninstall and re-install Brave, would my 41.5 Bat disappear? I have a verified uphold wallet, although the funds don’t seem to be transferring over. I’m not clear on where the BAT is actually stored currently.


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