Troubles with Disable autocomplete

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Description of the issue:
I have disabled autocomplete in the Brave app, Google, Chrome and even in the phone settings but every time I use the search engine on a websiteI get the list of previous searches

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:
I want the previous searches to stop appearing on the websites

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.39.123, Chromium 102.0.5005.125

Mobile Device details
Mi 10T, Miui version 13, Android 12
Additional Information:


The issue might more accurately be, that Brave Search (beta) automatically suggests possible search criteria.

Happens on iPhone, too, using Safari, and using Brave Browser iOS.

the problem does not come from the search engine that i use(Google) but from those within certain websites


OK, some websites have a built-in Search Box within a web page. That Search Box includes a Search Field for the website’s built-in Search Engine.

For example, a website’s customer support ‘Knowledge Base’ Search Box built into the main customer support webpage.

Google’s Search Engine can discover the Search Box of a website’s web page.

And, therefore, Google searches can produce results that include the website’s own Search Engine’s results.

See: Sitelinks Search Box

Where Google writes:

A sitelinks search box is a quick way for people to search your site or app immediately on the search results page. The search box implements real-time suggestions and other features.

Google Search may automatically expose a search box scoped to your website when it appears as a search result, without you having to do anything additional to make this happen. This search box is powered by Google Search. However, you can explicitly provide information by adding WebSite structured data, which can help Google better understand your site.

In addition, there, Google explains that a Search Engine may be implemented within an Android app; and Google search results may include the Android app’s own Search Engine results.

So you will help Brave Support @Mattches by providing screenshots of examples of exactly what you are seeing.

Thank you.

And, have you added any Extensions? You might list any that have implemented Search Engines.

Yes it would be very helpful to know what sites specifically you’re seeing this behavior on and any other details you can provide.

the principal site is Samuraiscan

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