Stopping autocomplete in search fields on sites

How do I stop Brave from suggesting previous search terms of mine in search fields?

Hello @TantricPsychologist, what kind of device and OS are you using? If you want to disable suggestions on the search bar go to: brave://settings/appearance and toggle off > Show autocomplete suggestions in address bar you can also find this option on mobile devices under settings. Hope this can help you. Regards.

Hi thanks for this. It’s not actually in the search bar, it’s in search bars within pages themselves. Like on a movie site search field it was throwing up unrelated searches just when I hovered over the search field on the page. I don’t want this.

In Brave you can disable suggestions on Brave search bar only.This is something related to those websites. Generally whenever you search something in a streaming platform or similar sites they have their own search suggestion feature built-in. Hope this answer your concern. Regards.

Yes this seems right, ty.

You’re welcome, good to know!

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