All BAT earned throughout September disappeared

All the pending BAT (around 1 BAT, the amount is very small because I barely receive any Ads) that I have earned throughout September September disappeared from my Android Brave Version.
My Brave version is 1.14.86, Chromium 85.0.4183.127

Please somebody help

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Same here I hope they dish out a fix soon

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@steeven please see to this

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Same here , and after clicking on ads , tha app doesn’t even register them,


Same thing happened to me.
I’m stuck at 1.535 BAT since last 3 days on my Android. Although I am consistently getting ad notifications but they aren’t being registered.

Another issue I’m facing is, sometimes even these BAT disappear when I relaunch the Brave Browser, but they do come back after a while. Weird!

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In my case I don´t even receive any ads since August and even worse is that the little amount of BAT that im able to earn is that they suddenly disappear without any reason and dont come back, which is very dissapointing…

Please @steeven or any other BAT Team help us!

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