Transfer brave history from old android phone to new phone

I just got a new Pixel 6a and want to transfer all my history from my old Pixel 3a

Use Sync. Go to Brave settings, there’s an option called ‘Sync’. You could select ‘Sync Everything’ in data preferences or select history and whatever else you need to transfer.

Thanks for the response.
I added my Pixel 3a to the sync chain but after 20 minutes, nothing is coming over to the new phone. Is there a way to force sync now?

@kgash double check your sync settings, make sure both devices have it selected to share history (or share everything). By default nothing is selected. I made that same mistake before of adding a device and then wondering why nothing synced. When I went back, realized hadn’t marked it off on one of them. 99% of the time, that’s the issue (assuming they are synced on same sync chain as each other)

Just in case it helps, as Android can be awkward on where they put it. When in Settings > Sync it’ll look like this, where it shows devices connected.

From there, hit button that says Data Preferences and then make sure either Sync Everything is enabled or you have the toggle on History and whatever else you want synced enabled.

If you were on Desktop, then option is at brave://settings/braveSync/setup and all on the same page, as you see here:

And on iPhone, it looks like this:

Of all designs on Sync, Android looks the worst and has extra step(s) to take.

Thanks Saoiray Every thin came over with no fuss. You are right, some of the steps are not at all intuitive. Problem solved.

This one of the best sites I have visited! Quick and relevant answers and followups with detailed information. :grinning:

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