SOLVED: Sync Not Happening

Description of the issue:*
Brave on Android phone is not updated with history from desktop, even though desktop and Android are both on a sync chain.

The issue is a am a m0ron at times. This was one of them.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. A few weeks ago, started a sync chain on my computer using Brave browser. History is activated as one of the things to sync
  2. A few weeks ago, added my android phone with to sync chain with Brave browser. History is activated as one of the things to sync
  3. I was watching a video on desktop. I need to leave, want to resume watching video on Android
  4. Video I was watching with Blaze browser appears in History on desktop, but not on Android phone in Brave browser

Expected result:
I expected the url for the video I was watching to appear on Android phone.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.20.47 Chromium: 88.0.4315.7 (Official Build) nightly (x86_64)

Android: Brave Nightly 1.20.47, Chromium 88.0.4315.7

Mobile Device details
Pixel XL2

Additional Information:
Sync settings on desktop

History on desktop:

These are the links to videos I was watching less than an hour ago.

History on android:

None of the videos appear in history android. Why?

The login for this site is not on Android either!

I found the problem.

Previously, I could not find the sync settings on android.

Once I found that button on Android, I discovered these settings.

So I changed them:

History still not updated on Android. Maybe it has to be a going forward thing.

There should be a button to click that sync everything as of that moment.


Shutdown Brave on desktop and android. Started on desktop. Navigated to the video I was watching. Started Brave on Android. History does not include this video. Grrrr

Sync works absolutely beautifully.

The only problem I had was I had not set the sync data preferences on the Android.

I missed the button for Sync Data Preferences, because I interpreted the color scheme as “grayed out/inactive” without trying it.

I had incorrectly believed setting sync data preferences (which consist of toggle switches for the various datasets that can be sync’d, such as bookmarks, history, and logins) on my desktop computer would control the data going to my Android.

Sync Data Preferences on Desktop (macOS).
I thought these preference settings would determine what data would be sync’d to all the devices in the sync chain.

The reason I was not getting any updates to history from my desktop to my android is the data preferences on the Android did not have that dataset enabled. Evidently, for sync to run on a dataset., it has to be enabled on both devices in the chain.

When a device is added to to a chain, are its bookmarks replaced by the bookmarks on the chain before it was added? Are the bookmarks merged?

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