Full Bat not being permitted to be transfered into uphold

My BAT on brave is not matching on the uphold app and it won’t let me transfer the rest


Yes it is verified.

How would I know when I verified it?.

I have only been able to receive tiny chunks of what’s in my wallet and there is 20 left that I can’t touch. Uphold was useless for support and saw no problems on their end. Sometimes it will show 20$ of BAT and other times 0.

How many devices have you linked to the Uphold Account?

I have several phones and a laptop connected. Im not sure how to check the list as it seems things may have gotten moved around in brave since i added them a year ago.

That may be the reason.

Brave only allows the first 4 devices connected to the Uphold Account to send the BATs to the Uphold Account.
The later ones can’t send the BATs to the Uphold Account.

The Bat is all pooled together though right?. Im using the first device which is my main device.

Sorry to reply so late. Is there a workaround to adding the rest of the bat into uphold?.

Do wait till the Payment date, and also make sure to get it updated since it got an update yesterday or so…

If it doesn’t work then we will look for another method.

Heres the latest screenshots. Its like it isnt registering a large portion of it.

How many devices have you connected to your Uphold Account?

Even count any old devices you might have used in the past…

About 5 devices total. Is there something i need to do on a different device?

That’s the reason.

You can only connect brave to 4 devices.
You can’t remove any of the old devices you used as well…

Currently there is no solution to this, but you can create a new Uphold Account or wait for Gemini to be introduced.

They didnt put.a warning in at all. Is gemini coming anytime soon?

Yeah they do have a warning system, but its a hit or miss (Only works sometimes…)

Yeah Gemini will be introduced very soon…
Expect it to be released in the next month…

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