Transfer BAT to Uphold

I have verified my Uphold account, everything seem connected fine, there are some BAT tokens on my reward page, bu if I go to my Uphold wallet, or if click to withdraw on the reward page, there are no BAT tokens in my Uphold wallet. Am I doing something wrong?

Payout schedule of pending rewards is on every 5th of the month. That means the BAT you accumulated, the pending rewards, will be transferred to your verified Uphold wallet on the 5th of the month.

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I know , but there is some claimed tokens already in the blue section on the right side of the screen, but they are not shown in Uphold

Can you try logging in to your Uphold account using Uphold’s website? Not via the Withdraw Funds from Brave Browser.

no, does not work. You think it might be the problem, that I verified my uphold wallet after I claimed the tokens? So it might only show the pending tokens tokens which I will claim since I verified my Uphold wallet?

I created my Uphold wallet in two different ways. One was when using Brave and verified the wallet which directed me to the Uphold site. The other one was when I created the wallet separately and then linked it to the Brave browser. Both methods worked fine for me.

When did you start using Brave and when did you verified your wallet/created your Uphold wallet?

I was using brave about year ago, started to use it again couple weeks ago, and verified t Uphold wallet just today.

I still dont understand, if the wallet in the browser(where I have the restore words) is the "same wallet "I have in the Uphold…, ?

Brave Wallet is different from the Uphold wallet. Brave wallet is where Brave records your pending Rewards and the Uphold wallet is where you transfer the fund you get from Brave pending rewards.

From what I understand based on what you told me, it’s your first time to verify an Uphold wallet? This is the first time you created an Uphold wallet? If you verified the Uphold wallet just now, then payout for the pending rewards on your Brave wallet would be 5th of March.

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yes…i think its like that…I had a chat with Uphold support she said the same…thanks

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