How to transfer BAT from an unverified account?

How can I transfer my BAT rewards from Windows to Ubuntu?
Tried to create an account on Uphold or Gemini but no luck.

You can’t, really. It’s stuck on each device/profile. I know traditionally if going from one device to another, you could sometimes have copied your \brave-browser folder or the User Data one within and move it to your new device. It then would contain all of your bookmarks, extensions, BAT, etc. But that’s typically going from the same OS to another.

You could try that if you want, but pretty sure won’t work. Of course, other idea I want to remind you of is that vBAT is sunsetting. So if you don’t have it connected to Uphold or Gemini, then chances are it won’t be too much longer before it goes away. No exact date for that yet, but just wanted to give you that reminder.

Thanks for your answer. Seems to be the time to go back to Firefox after being mislead with this “reward” scam. :frowning_face:

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