Brave Crazy Menu Selection, Freezing, Black Pages

Earlier this week I started having issues where Brave would begin loading any page get finished and then go solid black without warning, usually quickly, but sometimes after I switched to the Finder or another application. I lost a lot of work with this bug.

Then the application started freezing far worse than I’ve seen any application. It would be listed in the Force Quit dialog box, but could not be killed from there. I tried to find it in Activity monitor and the terminal but could not locate the process. The only way to kill it is to force restart the Mac.

Today I have two new issues. Regular and right click menus are impossible to use, it seems it wants to automatically select something on its own and fights me, so the highlight jumps all around. For the right-click menu it always wants to choose the Brave submenu. At first I thought it was a mouse issue, but no other application on my Mac behaves this way.

Finally, perhaps the oddest of all, when I open a new tab in Brave I hear a very fast repetitive beat over my speakers that goes away the second I close the new tab or go to any site in it.

Up until this week Brave has been so solid that I use it exclusively. Now I’m in Firefox again.

Brave - 1.8.90. / Mac OS - 10.11.6

Can you try going to brave://settings/system, untick the hardware acceleration option, and restart the browser?

Thanks Asad, I think that worked. The sound is gone and menus are normal again. So far its not frozen up or produced a black page, I suppose it still could, but so far so good.

One side benefit, pages are loading a whole lot faster than they used to. It’s almost shocking to see how fast they load now. Thanks again!

Asad, do you know if there is a way to keep this setting choice permanent? It keeps switching back ON, and since it requires a relaunch to switch back OFF, I end up having to restart the computer because there is no way to force quit or kill Brave. Thanks.

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