Exiting/Switching Tab Will Not Hide

Fix the glitch where the home page’s favourites and the number of tabs currently opened are showing on the lower bar when switching out of app.

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Hello there @daze, please provide the following information in order to investigate further:

  1. Description of the issue:

  2. Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):1.2.3.

  3. Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

  4. Expected result:

  5. Reproduces how often:

  6. Mobile Device details and Brave Version( check About Brave):

  7. Additional Information:

Be waiting for your response.

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Hello, i’ll make the problem clear.
In the mobile iOS application of Brave, the favourites of the home page, together with number of tabs open are showing once out of the browse (not exiting the browser)

Heres both of the issues:

The solution should be a black screen or a screen with a Brave logo once out of the application. And the reason is that it’s a common requirement for security and the feature was said to be added already to private browsing, as that is what is shown. However it should be for the browser regardless of private browsing or not, or at least an option.

Upvote to make the issue shown.

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Hi again @daze Let me kindly inform you that if you’d like you can open a feature request topic on this forum regarding your suggestion. Please see https://community.brave.com/c/brave-feature-requests/57.

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The problem here was that it was more of a problem in the app that had to be fixed or improved in some way, not exactly a feature request as it was already proposed to hide the app in the private mode.

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@daze Could you please try deleting your cookies from the app to see if the issue is solved?

  1. In Brave, open the main menu, then Settings --> Privacy. Note: You can also select Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data
  2. Select Clear browsing data

Let me know if that works.

Excuse me for the late response. No, it didn’t work, as it was not related to cookies.

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Hi again, please provide the following information to make further investigation.

The Mobile Device is of iOS 15 and Brave is of Version 1.45.2.

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We’ve opened an issue for this feature:

@daze let me inform you that this is not a feature within Brave at the moment, however, our team opened a feature request for this here.

If you have other concerns, please let me know.

It seems to be a solution.

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