Tor not being connected

It comes saying Tor not able to connect try by toggling Tor browser on and off or use bridges. On doing all possible ways, I was not able to connect it. Any suggestions on what to do?

See if anything helps from the above post

Try this and try connecting Tor after each step.

  1. Open brave://settings/clearBrowserData and clear Brave’s history.
  2. Check if tor is not blocked by your firewall.
  3. Toggle ON/OFF ‘Private window with Tor’.
  4. Enable ‘Use Bridges’ and try different ones.
  5. Flush DNS
  6. Use public DNS such as google,
  7. Open brave://settings/security and disable ‘Always use secure connections’ and ‘Use secure DNS’.
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Actually, I recalled that in the distant past (over a year ago), the temporary fix was just to toggle the TOR setting (under “Privacy and security”) – i.e., ‘off’, then back ‘on’ again (same as your #3).

So I did that and it worked. But I guess it means that there’s been no permanent fix.

Thanks for your reply.

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