Tor always activating when navigating Brave websites


I’m afraid I’m experiencing a small but annoying issue. Whenever I navigate to any Brave website (main site, community forums, Brave Search, etc.) the window loads, but a whole new Brave Tor window for the page loads as well. This is unprompted and only occurs on Brave sites. I haven’t experienced it on any other website.
Any suggestion on how to get this to stop would be appreciated.

Brave version 1.38.109 Chromium: 101.0.4951.41 (Official Build) (64-bit)

@Top_Hat ,

Just maybe . . . related issue at GitHub . . . or a possible hint of what to do

Do you have this option enabled?


Ah! That was the problem! I swear I went over the settings nearly 7 times so I was certain I didn’t miss anything. How clumsy of me.

I flipped that switch and I have no longer had this annoying issue. Thank you for pointing this out for me.

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