Opening a website then it reopens with tor

I noticed today that when i tried to go on an email in brave that i regularly used, brave keeps opening up a window in tor with an unrecognized onion site while also opening it on my regular brave browser. Is this a sign of malware can someone explain to me what is going on and why?


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@Charlie75014 - the following involves Brave Browser and TOR, and it may interest you, re your issue:


Not malware.

There is some kind of relation established between Brave and TOR, that is technically complicated; one article, as an example:

In order to show how a series of website-connecting events, can lead toward getting an Onion link involved via using Brave Browser . . .

I used Brave Browser > New Private Window

and the link to your issue:

as a starting point.

Next, I scrolled down the window, to “Suggested Topics” and right-clicked on topic:

“How do I transfer data from Opera GX?”

and in the pop-up menu, I chose:

“Open link in New Window”

A New Private Window was displayed, for that topic.

Next, I selected the Brave Search bookmark that I maintain near the top of my list of bookmarks.

The resulting window, shows a “Tor” link-icon of some type, at the right end of the window’s URL address field:

When I clicked on that “Tor” link-icon, a new window opens with an Onion URL address . . . and I know from a firewall report, that some stages of TOR IP addresses, were involved, getting to that Onion web page:

Apparently something of Brave Search, uses Onion (servers).

In other words, YOU can use the Brave Browser TOR feature (New Private Window with Tor) that has technical associations/connections/relations with Onion (that I do not yet understand).

And, in addition, Brave Search (and possibly more of whatever is going on at Brave), is also using Onion.

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