Token manipulation

Hi guys,

I think bat is manipulated as they want in brave.
My payout got updated with like 100 bat less

No reason, no mail… So easy…

So you promote them, talk every where and finally they take back the bat you received…

@wedge06 feel free to provide more information. I’m not sure about your issue/question/post.


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from what i understand, his/her/it’s issue is -->
received 150 BAT (for example)
actually got 50 BAT.
so basically pissed about it.

What kind of info ?

I was connecting everyday on my publisher account since 1st of July to see the amount to be paid and the amount for next month.
3 days ago I was with like 390 bat pending payouts and the next day l got 297 bat on pending payouts…

No history, no mail explanation… Just desapear…
Meaning that when we receive bat on pending payouts, well it’s not what you receive is what you get.

It’s like manipulation… Who control the robot or the admin who tack back those tokens ?

Your issue is more than likely one of these:

I’m already verified.
It’s not my first payout.

And I don’t mean the bat I should receive in uphold.

I mean the pending payout, the big bold numbers I see on the top left when I’m logged in as a publisher.

I will not explain again, I think I’m enough clear.


:point_up: The balance displayed in your Uphold account in the top left and is what is sent to your Uphold wallet/account. Unless you’re referring to earnings from Ads?

Either way – since you started July 1st, you may see BAT “pending” because there is a freeze period (as noted in the thread linked above) from the 1st - 8th where any accrued BAT during this period will be differed to the next payment date.

I did not started the service the 1st July.
Using for few months.

Like we know, the 5th we receive from the ads
So I was looking before the 5th then after the 5th.

After the 5th I had an amount as a pending payouts.
A received bat from few clients as tips on my website for that.
Normally as you said this amount is already to be paid for the next month right?
Well I got under 300 bat when the day before I was close to 400, I thought it was the amount for the next month and the difference is not corresponding to the bat I received on uphold.

So that’s why I think there is a problem. I use tips to do some extra work on my web services. If the tips desapear it’s a problem for me.

Ok today it went to 69 bat…
What’s going on?

may be the remaining balance has been transferred to your uphold account. can you pls chk ? how much time it takes to receive Bat from Publisher Panel ?

He’s talking about the BAT balance in his publisher account. A lot of us are seeing our balances decrease with absolutely no explanation. This has nothing at all to do with payouts or Uphold, or anything like that. The balance in our publisher accounts are getting smaller and smaller by the day. There are now several threads talking about the issue. Please read them.

God damn!
Finally one understanding !

And I see I’m not the only one.

Today, after checking im back with 298 bat.
Still not the right amount.

There is something wrong, those amount should fixed and safe from any manipulation.

This is not very secure for us.

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We know you’re talking about the publisher account. But it is also important for us to know when you received payments in your Uphold account and how much BAT they were. That just helps to think about solutions for your problem.

(When I say we I mean everyone trying to help you, I’m of course not part of the Brave Team)

So did anything arrive in your Uphold account?

Thank you @R1234 .
Maybe someone else will try to help you in their free time.

I hope, when things will clear up in a few days, you will come back to this forum and recognize that you overreacted.

I already told in my 4th message.
The amount received in uphold not corresponding at the amount desapeared.
And in any case it’s not about uphold.
We are already talking about the amount for next month.

The amount of pending payouts changed also after I received the bat on uphold.

This amount is modified and it should not.
Is it security issue ?
Is a former employee robing our bats ?
It’s not just 1 bat it’s hundreds bats disappeared.

I did not overreact.

Nothing move…

Also I noticed that history donation in browser disappeared.
It’s empty.

I don’t understand, if it’s blockchain everything should be transparent and easy to trace.

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