Toggle Vertical tabs shortcut

Could we please have a shortcut to toggle the expanded view of vertical tabs for those who prefer to navigate the browser via shortcuts?

They already added Keyboard customization to Brave Nightly and they keep expanding the available commands for it. So there is no reason to wait for a shortcut to be implemented, as long as Brave releases the command, it will be accessed through the Commander or as a keyboard shortcut.

They have been working on it and adding more hardcoded Chromium features, besides the Brave native ones, so the list has been growing.

So the request should have been done on Github, so they can implement it.
I already requested that command to be added as a feature request, so as long as Brave doesn’t ignore the issue, maybe it will add it soonish, maybe available on Stable when the whole Keyboard customization page is available. I usually have to report bugs and requests because nobody else does, of course, sometimes it feels Brave team might ignore my github issues, since I usually bring the bad news and make them work, but most have been fixed and implemented, so can’t complain about it.

That’s why using Nightly is really good, you get latest features as soon as they are released and you get to find out what’s new if you check Brave’s (Core) github, because if you based everything on Stable then you are obviously not seeing anything really, just months of old Nightly features.
The funny thing is Nightly uses Chromium’s Beta, not Dev or Canary, so everything is pretty stable, just some bugs for Brave’s features being work in progress, so using Nightly will not really bring problems unless a WIP feature has bugs, and that’s your choice to enable it.
Plus you can report the bug and help it getting it fixed.

Anyway, that’s why it is good Brave is open source, because anyone can see the features Brave is working on, the ones added (commits) and the ones that are being worked on (active PRs).

This is how the Settings page looks like and the Issue about it. Issue for the keyboard customization is still opened, so until it is not `ready for Stable’, then it is not going to be closed.

Editing this because the Command that will control this behavior is still not available as I thought, but I requested it and maybe it will be added soon.
My reply was only wrong for Nightly people, but let’s hope it gets added soon. For Stable build purpose people, my reply before or after editing doesn’t matter, because keyboard customization is still not available on Stable, and it should be added eventually allowing users to bind any shortcut they want to it.

I’ll check it out, thanks

That’s great and all, but the vertical tabs command is not the same as expanded view of vertical tabs - any ideas where to find the command for that? Also, I tried opening nightly, it crashed on launch :laughing:

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Seconding this! Vertical tabs are great, but having to mouse over to see the expanded view adds a lot of friction. A keyboard shortcut that toggles the expanded view would be amazing.

You are all welcome, already available in Nightly 1.55.16+

The “toggle vertical tabs expanded” only toggles permanently collapsed vs permanently expanded (ie, changing viewport width), it does not toggle auto-hide/unhide, like a mouse hover at edge of screen would. A key toggle that behaved exactly like moving mouse to edge of screen would be more useful and I think is what OP was requesting (not sure).