Make the vertical tabs panel expand smoothly

Make the vertical tabs panel expand smoothly, rather than it instantly opening up. This is simply just a preference but I prefer it this way because it instantly popping up doesn’t look good.

Let me guess, as usual, people like you just decided to make a new account, without installing Nightly or checking Brave’s GitHub to see if Features are being working on or they were already implemented.

My question is Why? is it too hard to research a little?

This was already implemented, it will be available in Stable when it is going to be stable, in fact, sidebar is also implementing it the same.

Next time, use Nightly or search issues and PRs in Github to see if Brave is working on it or was already implemented or are planning it to implement it, in fact, they implemented it and then improved it more, and keep working on polishing Vertical Tabs.

This is taken from the PR, the first implementation, because I am not wasting my time recording the screen to show it, but if Windows, it depends on Performance/Visual settings, like taskbar animation, it will not work without Animate controls and elements inside windows being turned on.

My fault bro. Didn’t know there was a github for it. Thanks for letting me know though where to check first