Today, Brave Muon asked to update itself , why?

I would like to know what this is about.

**Description of the issue:**Today, Brave Muon asked to update, why?

Just opened Muon and it asked to update. But this happened only once. After Muon was closed and started the offer to update was not displayed. Now Muon says “No updates”. I would like to know what this is about .


Brave Version(about:brave): Muon 0.25.304

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no): no

Additional Information: PyCharm asked to update itself. When the ok was given to update, Brave Muon automatically got opened and displayed to update the program. When Muon got opened, Muon offered to update itself, But now, after Brave Muon was closed and restarted(I didn’t give the ok to update, closed and restarted Muon), no request is made anymore to update. Even if the “check for updates” is invoked, the message is “Sorry”2018-12-26%20(2)

Hi @Varuna,

Brave is upgrading it’s users to the new version (brave-core), 0.58.x and higher. For prev. 0.25.x (muon) users, they will get an upgrade notification (like what you got).

Brave will install a separate, new version 0.58.x, amd will change icon for 0.25.x to grey. You should see another Brave icon that have orange icon.

And as a part of this migration, prev. version will no longer get support, bug fixes, etc.

It’s likely you prev. have 0.25.2 version. Then Brave upgrade in the background and update the Muon version to 0.25.304 and install the new Brave 0.58.x.

Update notification only shown if Brave already finished download the update. And because it’s already updated, then when you reopen, it’s already on the latest version for Muon.

I hope I explained it well. Let me know if it’s still not clear for you.

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