Not getting the latest updates in either Windows or Ubuntu?!


So, the thing is, recently i started browsing the brave site for any news on the newest version, and out of curiosity, i downloaded the setup (in the download page, NOT the beta setup mind you) and installed it in a virtual machine running windows 7, and it was a new version (new looks, much improved launch time etc). Also tried installing it in another virtual machine i had running ubuntu, and same thing there. However in my work pc running Windows 10, when i run Check for Updates it says no updates available, (apt update and upgrade in ubuntu doesnt update either in my ubuntu laptop), but the weird thing is that i tried downloading and installing the latest setup in my win10 pc since i figured it would update it manually or something but to my surprise it installed TWO brave browsers. Am i doing something wrong? or is the official update still not rolled out yet?


We have deprecated Brave Muon in favor of this:

I highly recommend you install the new build and enjoy a much better browsing experience.
It runs in parallel with the Muon version you have installed now, so you don’t have to uninstall or overwrite anything and you can even import data from your previous Brave install into the new build.
:point_up: This is why there are “two” Braves. You may also be interested in reading this:

And maybe this too:

Are you attempting to update from Muon (v0.25.2, as we just learned) or Brave Core builds? Are you using these Terminal instructions?


Thanks, I had just assumed that i would get a notification for a new update in windows 10, so i got confused when i saw the new version available for download. I currently have v.0.25 on both machines, but i shall get the new one ASAP. As for ubuntu i didnt use the instructions you mentioned here since I was only using apt update and upgrade. :metal:


Hi @arberbehluli0,

In addition, new Brave (brave-core; 0.56.x) is already available for new users that download from Brave website. But current Brave (muon) 0.25.x users is not yet upgraded. It’s still in the works and coming. That’s why you not get upgrade notification on 0.25.x.

That’s being said above, you can manually install the new Brave from

You can run it in parallel then import your browser data from prev. Brave. Hope that make it clear for you.