Will i get Brave core update automatically?

I am using Muon version of Brave (version 0.25.2) stable release channel on x64 platform. Recently i read in some media articles that the development of older Muon version of Brave was discontinued while the code base is transferred to the newer Brave Core. Now my question is:

Do i need to uninstall my older muon version of Brave browser manually and install the new Brave core version from official website or should i wait for the update to emerge on my Brave browser, to get automatically upgrade to Core. Please clarify.

Hi @Suman,

Yes, automatic upgrade for the current Brave (muon) users not happened yet and coming. https://brave.com/new-brave-browser-release-available-for-general-download/

If you want you can install it manually brave.com/download

You can run it in parallel and then you can import your data from prev. Brave.

Thank you for the update.