Uninstalling Brave Browser



Reproducible on current live release (yes/no): Yes

Trying to uninstall Brave bercause it continually asks to update itself and there is no way of turning this off.

It seems however that after complete uninstallation the Brave updater continues to try to access the internet.

How can I completely uninstall the software so that there are no unwanted remnants on the computer?

Using Windows 10 and the latest version of Brave


Happy to help you uninstall, but I am curious about the “asking to update”. Are you saying our release build (v0.57.18) is telling you that it needs to update?
Or are you using the Muon build (v0.25.2) that is asking you to update?


First off I’ve completely uninstalled Brave Browser, so I can’t access information about builds any more. The installation was the basic installation Brave provides for Windows Desktop. As I said there is an updater that installs with Brave and this keeps on trying to access the Internet.

Once Brave is completely uninstalled - and I mean completely, totally so that there is no trace left. Brave Updater is still asking for internet access. Meaning that it has never uninstalled. The question is how to completely remove everything that Brave Browser installs so that I am not still having services, updaters and the like using the computer.

I imagine this Brave Updater is probably only one component that does not uninstall so if you have tool that completely removes everything Brave installs in the first place that would be ideal.

The updater tries to access an IP address that begins in 151. several times a day. it does this regardless of complete uninstall and restarting windows etc.


I asked about the Brave build so that I can help you navigate to the right location to see whether or not there are still Brave files/artifacts left behind.
If you downloaded Brave from here, you were using the Release build (v0.57.18).

In Windows, navigate to ~%AppData%/Local/ and see if there is either a Brave or BraveSoftware folder here. If so, delete them and you should be good. I assume you’ve backed up any information that you had saved in Brave.


There is obviously other stuff too. There must be registry entries calling up this updater etc. How do I completley remove everything so that I am back to where I was before installing this.?

I can quite easily do a blitz of everything called ‘Brave’ on the C drive, but that would not be the same as uninstalling. If there is no way of completely uninstalling the software that is what I need to know.

Ultimately I can do a system restore, but that is a last option, ideally I can avoid that with a complete uninstall just of this software. Usually with most browsers I would not really expect anything left behind except a personal folder with personalised settings which is what I think would normally be found in appdata/local etc. Personalised settings etc are not a problem for me. It is the core updating features and anything else that is setting up services etc, using system resources and contacting the internet that I need to remove. I’m pretty sure that erasing appdata/local folders would have no effect at all on this or am I wrong?


If you uninstalled the program and removed any Brave profile folders in /Local you should be good. Again, since I don’t know what build you were using, I’m unable to accurately tell. You may also want to check ~/%AppData%/Roaming/ and look for Brave folders here as well (and delete).


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