How can I access Brave Muon after the release of Brave Core

If I understand correctly, you said in responses to a few posts, as well as here that Brave Muon should still be available for use. However, I’m struggling to access it.

I’m excited about the new core release, but I find it to be a bit too buggy for exclusive use at the moment for the many reasons that other users have already reported, so I’d like to keep using the 0.25.2 version (or 0.26) for a little while longer, in parallel with the Core build, until you have ironed some of the bigger issues.

  1. Previously, I had the Muon 0.25.2 version and the beta version of the Core build installed. For me, the Muon version never warned or asked to be updated to 0.26, I simply powered on my computer today and opened what I expected to be the Muon version to find it had already updated.

  2. When I click on what used to be the Muon icon (it is now grayed out), it instead opens the new build.

How can I access the old build? Is it at all possible to use both the new and the old build at the same time? I apologize if this was already addressed, but I really couldn’t find a topic that answered this clearly.

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