Release Channel update v0.57.18 is live!


Brave Browser (Release Channel) has been updated to version 0.57.18!
Download from the official Brave website
Or find it on our GitHub

For Muon users having issues with upgrading from Muon:

Release Notes

  • Updated Brave (Muon) import: you can now import Brave Payments, Windows and Tabs, and data related to the referral program. (#2402)
  • Added notifications when contributions or donations fail. (#1483)
  • Fixed memory leak in Brave Rewards. (#2213)
  • Fixed certain PDFs failing to open in Brave. (#1033)
  • Fixed certain extensions breaking when using Brave’s default shields settings. (#1380)
  • Fixed stub installers failing to download Brave under Windows 7. (#2129)
  • Fixed hard refresh not fetching new Tor identities. (#1137)
  • Fixed third party cookies being blocked even if per site shield is set to allow all cookies. (#2095)
  • Fixed not being able to access premium Dow Jones content until restarting after claiming promotion. (#2020)
  • Fixed not being able to login into Pocket using Google accounts. (#2164)
  • Fixed not being able to close Guest/Tor windows using Brave’s action buttons on Linux. (#1643)
  • Fixed several Brave Rewards notifications. (#2114)
  • Fixed opening Tor windows causing Brave to become unresponsive on Linux. (#1791)
  • Fixed size of profile icon next to hamburger menu. (#1856)
  • Fixed media publisher name and favicon in site banner not appearing correctly in certain cases. (#1924)
  • Fixed shield block count overlapping text when going beyond three digits. (#1951)
  • Fixed shields being expandable only when there is blocked items. (#1957)
  • Added shields deep link to brave://settings/shields. (#1959)
  • Fixed localization for various strings and web-ui pages. (#2035)
  • Fixed custom amounts for Brave Rewards not appearing in drop down. (#2152)
  • Created and automatically publish silent installers for Windows on GitHub. (#2210)
  • Updated translations for various strings. (#2254)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 71.0.3578.80. (#2352)

Not Getting the current Muon update from 0.25.2 to 0.26.2
Not Getting the current Muon update from 0.25.2 to 0.26.2