Reversing a Brave BAT tip

Is there a way to reverse a BAT tip to yourself?

Other then waiting 90 days for the tip to be returned to your my Rewards wallet? YouTube says i’m verified but an email from brave says different.

What happens if you tip a creator on Brave?

If you tip a creator who has not yet verified, your tip will be held locally in your browser until that creator verifies with If they verify within 90 days, your tip will be transferred. If not, then it is returned to your Brave Rewards wallet. Ready to start tipping? Download Brave and be the first to tip a tweet.

OK … Sorry for all the trouble! I figured out my problem. A long time ago, I setup a Creators account under a different email address and had YouTube in the list in that account! … Now I know I’m getting old. Thank you to everyone who tried to help.

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