Can someone tip their BAT from unverified wallet?

Hello Admin/Mod and Brave community users,
This is my first post in this forum. So if I posted this in wrong section, kindly shift it to the right section.

Now, my question.

I know some peoples (around 25-30) that using Brave browsers for better privacy and speed. Those are my friends and friends of friends. They are using it for some times. Like 2-3 months.

They have some BATs in their accounts (not much, but they are growing month by month). But they don’t want to verify their wallets as they don’t want to withdraw the BATs. And they turned off the auto-contribute button.

Now, my question is, can they spend their BAT even if they don’t verify their accounts?

I mean to say, if someone want to tip BAT for a verified youtube channel, can he/she do it without verifying the wallet?

Please let me know the answer.

BTW, it’s great to be here in this nice community.

Much love.

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Yes, they can tip/contribute to creators without verifying their wallet.

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Thank you for your reply.

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