I do not receive my bat tips on brave creators since march

Since march i didn’t receive my BAT, i have more than 5 to receive and nothing came to my verified account

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same problem here… Don’t know what happen

Payments are still pending - July 2021 Creators Payout.


me too, have not received a reward from TIP. someone tell me, can i get them?
(I had the same problem last month.)

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I have the same problem. I have an April-May statement for 31.35 but no BAT in my Uphold.
Where’s it gone?

Steeven, my BAT still didn’t withdraw to my uphold account. Can you help me?

bro do we will need to wait even the Brave Creators Payout Status :red_circle: : Complete. ?

Yaas buddy its all completed and we still didn’t received a single BAT from our creators account.

steeven, can you help us?

Same issue, waiting for 31Bat from may/april.
Statement says paid but nothing received into uphold.
Any clues?
Many thanks.

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