Still waiting for my creator tips to payout to uphold

its been month and my tips have just been sitting there, i was told its been resolved and would see bat in uphold by the 8 of this month. Today is the 10th and my bat hasn’t moved.

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Hi, @kelvin, you were given information four days ago on this topic, with links to Support threads to monitor for status updates…

Please follow their progress as steeven suggested, making sure to read the entire threads.

I understand your frustration, but there isn’t much to be done while payout is processing, so just try to be more patient. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

this is based on another issue

Yes, sorry, @kelvin, I realised that, but then I got tied up with some other work.

So, I’ve had two other conversations today, similar to ours, to your issue. Do you think it’s possible your account has been flagged for suspicious activity? Have you done any self-tipping?

yes i have @saere V, and i also read its ok to tip with rewards from ads viewed which i used and not with grant rewards. If anybody’s account was flagged then they should be notified so as to resolve any issue concerning why.

I’m not sure that’s the case, would be nice to get some clarity on this

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I’ve read it, too, and I do believe this is true. The problem is that there are anti-fraud measures in place, and they could be tripped.

If a Creator trips the anti-fraud system *with self-tipping - and it appears to happen more often than not - they will have to sort it out with Brave to get everything running smoothly again, and this process can take time. It kind of comes down to the question of, are you all right to deal with some inconvenience/ hassle from time to time, or would you rather not?

This is a confusing issue for some, understandably so. Some Creators don’t seem to be aware that self-tipping in a system with keen anti-fraud detection could get you flagged even if everything’s above the board - if you are aware (and have read around), then you should be good to go.

Either way, Creator payout process is finished and you can contact Support about the issue now. You’ll find out if it was just some bug, a delay due to the payout process, or if anti-fraud was accidentally tripped - either way I think you’ll get it smoothed out. Good luck! :crossed_fingers:


@saereV thank you for your time and suggestions. Like you said, i’m just going to wait a little bit to watch if it is fixed

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i don’t understand, elaborate please.

Same Problem here

Thanks in advance

You can wait and see if it’s just a slow processing issue, as it very well could be. If some time has passed, or you wish to feel more proactive, there are instructions about contacting Support on their post, April 2021 Creators Payout. Just try to remember it won’t be an immediate process, so you’ll have to try to be patient.

@karthikkm07 you should try to contact them for any luck, mine has been there for months.
I complained about it and was told 8 of April they will be sent to uphold but my BAT is still
sitting there.

Please see the edited update

Payments to certain Uphold wallets are still processing.

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