Tip on iOS not received by publisher

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Yesterday I received 20 BAT on Brave for iOS. I tried to make a tip to a friend which have a website approved as receiver on Brave. The 20 BAT are gone from my account since 2 hours, but nothing is shown on his publisher account, even in pending balance. What are these 20 BAT gone?

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I am new to brave and have been curious about the iOS lag too. So far it seems like tips from android are received in 2-5 minutes. The tip from my coworker’s ipad took much longer. It was at least a day but could have been as long as 2 days. Im not sure the exact time frame since I counted it as lost but it showed up later.

Thank you for this info. I’ll come back here and inform about any chance as soon as something happens. For the moment, the 20 BAT seems to have disappeared.

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It can take a day or two for tips to fully process! We just had an outage with our ledger server earlier today as well; there is likely some catch-up time required because of such.

Still nothing. I’m sure there is something wrong. Where are these 20 BAT gone?

same here, more than 3 days and still nothing… we will wait but just so you know @Asad, there may be a problem concerning this point :wink:

thanks for the help and your disponibility :wink:
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Hi, I have the same issue. My friend send me TIP from his iphone 2 days ago … and for now it’s still nothing. He have missing BAT’s and I don’t get it. Please fix this issue because it’s looks bad. I will be gratefull for any update response.

Could you received tip from iOS?

Hi @Asad, still nothing. Uphold support told me that it’s because things are synced on the 5th of each month. But I’m quite sure, as other users already experimented, it should be displayed at least “in progress” in our Dashboard, here nothing. I just lost 20 BAT by sending a TIP to a website from iOS. Do we have any official statement?

I guess tip have not supported on iOs yet. You will lost BAT grant token when you tipped

I would like to follow up and report that it don’t look like any BAT made it out of the iOS browser (iPad). I thought it did but after a couple more tests, it doesn’t look like it is working. An additional oddity is after a week, it has failed to register as an install in the creator’s referral dashboard.

Hi @themen,

If your friend is still having issues with tips (and yes, they probably should have got them by now), we need to talk to them and diagnose their Rewards data. Can’t help them from a distance like this :slight_smile:

Hi Asad, what do you need ? I can tell my friend to send you some details but first I need to know what is important for you ? Any kind of diagnostics, logs, tests ? How to get “Rewards data” from iphone and send to you ?

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Hi @Asad, I’ll send you all informations in PM in 5 minutes.

Could you tell what kind of information will you send ?

I’ve sent the details of my iOS wallet to Asad (can be found in Settings > Brave Rewards > click on the date) and screenshots of tips, plus the URL of the website where I sent the tips.

Same Here,
The x BAT are gone from friends account since 2 hours, but nothing is shown on my publisher account, even in pending balance. What are these x BAT gone?

I can confirm that sending tips from Brave iOS does not work either.

I have sent 20 BAT the day where Brave Reward were released on iOS and it still does not show up on publisher dashboard.

I see to send @Asad screenshots :wink:

Its fixed for me, received it around 10 days after the operation

Fixed for me as well :slight_smile: