Mobile Tips Not Received

I received 20 BAT as a grant and immediately tipped a Vimeo publisher page in 2x 10 BAT tips. That was a few days ago and neither account has seen those 20 BAT since.

Brave iOS 1.13

iPhone 7

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We had some outage last week. It should be fixed now so the tips should have gone though by now once the service was back on.

Nope. Still nothing yet.

The same happened to me and they still didn’t receive anything

Still nothing… There has been more than enough time. Brave/BAT is slipping…

Just checking how are you checking if the tip has gone through or not? Was this a self tip sent to your personal channel/site?

I sent the tip from my mobile Brave app to my own Vimeo page.

Any idea where my BAT is yet? I am checking my Uphold card for the Vimeo page I tipped. My iOS app shows a success tip to this page.

get the same tips with android are not arrived to a website freind :frowning:

Under investigation. Please wait for updates

@ct2 This should be fixed now. Could you check your publisher dashboard to see if the tips went through?

So I got 19 out of 20 BAT. Was the 1 lost due to transaction fees?

Yes. Thanks for the confirmation. Will be closing the thread for now. Please open a new one if you run into any other issue