Time to leave Brave Browser after one year?

Hello everyone, especially the Brave crew.
I guess it’s time to part with a browser that seemed reliable to me. The reason? Yesterday, when connecting the browser to the Gemini account, a message about an unsupported region appeared. Well, unfortunately, I don’t know why you covered Poland with such rigor, but it doesn’t bode well as you still store private data in your database.
Judging by the posts of other users, even linking to the Uphold account will not help.


Hi @JacobPe welcome to Community :smiley:

We have more information on region restrictions for verifying with each custodial partner on our Help Center -

Did you receive a similar message when attempting to verify Brave Rewards with Uphold?

I had an account connected to the Gemini exchange, not to the Uphold exchange, and all rewards were sent there (on the first one mentioned). Gemini does not list Poland as an available country for service. And on Uphold I no longer have a way to undo the 2FA Authenticator so that’s also why I let go :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification,

If you are concerned about having access to the BAT that was already sent to Gemini, I would recommend that you reach out to their support team for further assistance and same would go to Uphold if they would allow you to undo the 2FA authentication.

As for Brave Rewards, you will still be able to earn Rewards and store them within the browser until you are able to reconnect with either custodial partner.
If you have any further questions or require any assistance, feel free to submit a Support Ticket on our Help Center.

My rewards have been sent to Gemini’s account, but the next me does not collect on any of the combined. I will try to contact Uphold for BAT storage.


Now I can reply to you. It’s long time also, because Uphold Support is very slowly :slight_smile: i needed to reset my 2FA. My region is unavailable (Poland) in Uphold and in Gemini.

So… I need to leave Brave Browser. Nothing to do. One worry is about databases, passwords, visa cards etc. saved in Brave…

I had serious problems with gemini, twice, in the UK, but never with uphold, all goes smooth. I am still hoping braves own wallet will be finished this year, to allow us all to hold our BAT there.

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i used brave rewards for about a year and its been terrible no two months are the same and then when things work properly for about a month theres another problem that springs up,also the staff dont even answer to certain regions, also i tipped my friend and they banned his account it wasv his first month using the service, he studied sound engineering and decided to upload some of his work to youtube for some spare change as his still studying now, so I sent him a small tip and he got banned, also the region restriction is the final nail in the coffin, honestly its a terrible service,like in the beginning it was really great even amid the market falling and stuff because it was open to everyone all over the world, now there are just continual problems and I dont know why because, I always think like, well hey, if everybody all over the world could use it and receive rewards without a problem whats the big issue now,coz isnt it the same service that was great and used to work almost perfectly,so ye its really going down,but its a great concept and they need to get it back to where it was, open to all regions,simple and easy to use and working almost perfectly ,and grow on that not introducing things very few people use and then services dont work and restrict regions and stuff like, everybody around the world uses the internet and alot of people would like to use crypto so I think its really biast and almost racist because they only allowing certain countries to use the rewards system,its like segrigation but on the internet and in the crypto world.thats kind of the way I view it now it really became terrible and I hope they fix it soon because crypto and privacy is not supposed to be that way its supposed to give hope to people and be there for everybody to use no matter what country you come from or your path of life, they should just reset there fraud parameters thats all its not such a big deal but they really coming down with an iron fist and I don’t like it,but heyI guess they making there money right?

Hello, I am wondering if there is any interest in setting up a Gemini wallet or if it is time to find a new browser. All of this is taking far too long. The region is obviously not supported. Too bad, I thought I had discovered a great browser, but then this one.

I can only tell you my opinion that it is very USA centric, I tried twice, using UK passport, and each time after 10 days I was still not able to buy crypto, nor link it to brave. Their support would send annoying platitudes “like onwards and upwards” in their emails, I don’t need condescending references, I want the confounded thing to work!

Can delete all the passwords and payment methods, clear all the history and purge/uninstall from your system.

Ide have to agree with this guy, the only thing I think they should do is just reset their fraud detection peremeters as to what constitutes for fraud coz thats very easy to detect and track because we all had to do verification with uphold or gemini and then from there you can still trace who sent what where and what it was used for in the case of what they call terrorism and serious crime and stuff like that I just think they need different and more solid fraud detection, coz I sent my friend a tip to his youtube and it was some small amount and they said that was fraud so I mean, that doesnt make sense coz he could hardly do anything with that amount,also im not sure but maybe there may be serious people using the rewards system and I think those are the people they need to block. but not people who are sending small tips and stuff like that or people who have no business in that sort of thing.like i said again its very easy to track whos doing what and if people decide to cash out what they use the money on,coz I read brave needs to keep abreast with preventing terrorism and stuff like that so I just think they need to rethink their fraud detection and stuff like that rather than giving a blanket ban for whole regions

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