Uphold and Gemini not supportet in my country

Hey, iam not able to verify my browser because Gemini and uphold do not allow me to open a new account. When is it possible for German users to verfy? Can other exchanges (Binance, Kraken) be used?

Unfortunately, at the moment your only option is to accumulate the rewards in your browser until Germany is supported by any of those custodians.

There is no alternative to Uphold or Gemini. I hope Brave is able to make some agreement with other exchanges in the near future. But it is not easy to find one that does not incur in high costs and is able to ensure the necessary regulatory requirements. Let’s all hope that other and better alternatives are added soon.

Hi. Which better alternatives are meant here?

I would say that better alternatives are the main exchanges. Neither Uphold nor Gemini inspire me much confidence.
Or even better, private wallets :slight_smile:, although that is just a dream due to KYC requirements.