Problem with Uphold in Poland?

Hello. A few days ago I connected a Uphold with my Brave Rewards account because Gemini has excluded my country. Unfortunately, I received a below message:

“Uphold is reporting to us that your account connection is out of date. This could be the result of changing your Uphold password or other changes on your Uphold account. Please try disconnecting and reconnecting your Uphold account.”

I disconnected the Uphold and reconnected it and the message disappeared for a 1 day. Unfortunately, the next day, after logging into Brave Rewards, I received the above message again! This message hangs to this day. Why is this happening?

I have contacted Uphold about this. They claim that my country is not supported by Brave on the country list. But from what I can see, my country is on the list of supported countries. Other than that, they claim that my Uphold account is fine and verified. But they say the problem is with Brave.

My country is Poland (No. 21) -

I know that some people on the BraveCommunity forum had a similar message, but I don’t know if these people managed to solve the problem.

I do not know what to do. Will I receive my payout this month despite this message? After all, I can’t reset the connection all the time because I won’t get paid in November then…

Have any of you received a payment despite such a message?

Strange. If you check, Poland is supported. @Aman_M @Saoiray @rodrige any assistance?

@lostman Is this for Brave Rewards within the browser or on Creators’/Publishers’ page? Does the KYC documents that you submitted to Uphold for verification, belong to Poland?

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