This video cannot be played because of a technical error. (Error Code: 100000)

any solution please?


I tested the link on my laptop.

You can view the video but you have to set Brave Shield to OFF for this site (The orange icon in the URL on the right side becomes grey).

But when I did this, my AVG antivirus detectec malware, and I was bombarded with ads.

i did same
still no changes
some people said disable the fingerprint one but still same error
i did clear the caches and browsing datas but still same issue
Any solution please?


I hope the following settings will solve the issue.

  1. Go to brave://settings/shields and set block script to OFF.
  2. Set Brave shield to OFF as in the image.

Late update!
If the above didn’ solve your problem, the issue may be due to your antivirus, as in the image below, that blocks the video because of a possible malware. In my case, AVG, I cannot watch the video if I dont create an exception for the antivirus


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