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I am trying to watch a video on a website and its tells me due to your privacy settings the video can’t be displayed

Hi @marksmythe

Please edit your post and provide the requisite info.Like Brave version, OS, example sites, screenshot of the issue, etc.

This kind of info should be provided when you try to create a new thread. Providing more info will really help with support and troubleshooting.


Windows 10 / latest brave version, just downloaded today /

Its getting blocked because it can detect that you have an ad-blocker installed in your browser. I’m going to log this in our Web Compatibility board for devs to take a look at.
For now, if you want to view videos on this site, just open our Shield panel and change ad control to Allow ads and tracking.

did that still did not work, then I put allow all cookies as well and its working now

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Apologies, you’re absolutely right. In fact, its only cookies that need to be allowed. You can continue to block ads/trackers (recommended). Good catch!

                       thanks, will do!! thanks for your help and have a great day
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