This month earning disappeared and no new ad

Hi I am an Indian. My account is connected to zebpay. I received last two months rewards there.

My problem is my this month bat just disappeared and I am not getting any new ads for two days now

I had 2 bat that I earned in December

Umm, you should know from prior months that estimated earnings go to 0 at the start of each month and that payments only begin around the 7th of each month. You posted on the 7th, meaning definitely haven’t given time for your payment to arrive. It can take days or weeks for payouts to finish.

As always, you can check the status at Ads Payout Status Update

Other thing I’ll say is if you’re referencing anything about BAT from prior months not being displayed in your widget, you would have to check with ZebPay. If you had the BAT in ZebPay and didn’t do any transactions then they likely took it as their membership fee. Regardless, you would have to check history on ZebPay to see what happened to any BAT that Brave already paid you.

In regards to current payout, you have to be patient until payment period is complete.

Lastly, about you not seeing ads, not sure if you’ve been using the browser and all. It’s weird to see no NTP ads or anything unless you just don’t open new tabs and/or don’t have Brave open to Dashboard.

It’s possible you’re flagged, which would explain no ads or earnings from ads from anything this month. But you’ll likely want/need to wait for the payouts to complete to find out. If you’re flagged, payment won’t arrive. Then you submit a ticket and they decide if they will reinstate the account or keep it permanently flagged.

Either way, have to wait for now

It did go to zero at the end of month then I earned those 2 bat. I use brave at least 8hr a day.same in last two days no ads. How do I check if I have been flagged?

And will I get the reason I am flagged .

These are last two months transactions on zebpay

Everything is back to normal must be a bug

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